Daft Gallery believes in the strength and the potential of anonymous artists. We are therefore deeply committed to the growth and development of this kind of artists, and through a market oriented approach and promotion internationally.
Daft Gallery supports and represents anonymous artists whom, in their work, remain true to their convictions and their ideals. We are the intermediary between artist and client and place equal value on the interests of both parties. As gallery we offer the artists a professional and stable basis which serves as a solid foundation for the development of their careers. We support not only the development of the artist, but also the development of the art market, since ultimately this benefits the artist as well as the client. It is after of great interest to the client, when the artist he or she has invested in, is capable of growing professionally. This process is also particularly well served when the number of collectors of Post-Internet* Art increases. Our international goal is to increasingly present and promote anonymous artists.
For another art galleries that are searching new ways of art, we offer our service. In close collaboration with the client the most fitting selection is put together for each particular space.

The mission of the Daft Gallery is to enhance the understanding and appreciation of Post-Internet* Art, principally by developing, exhibiting, and preserving its world-renowned anoymous artists. Daft Gallery aspires to play a leading role on international stages through exceptional exhibitions, publications, programs, and collaborations. As a hub of artistic and cultural energies, it strives to be an inspiring educational resource for all audiences.
Daft Gallery acts as a recognized leader for anoymous Post-Internet* artists in the international art museum communities and  pretends collaborate with the network of art museums and art galleries in all regions of the world.
Daft Gallery values its workforce and creates a work environment in which people can maximize their potential and contribute fully to the success of the organization:

_to encourage the creation of the Post-Internet* art by offering anonymous artists an opportunity to exhibit their work.
_to encourage the appreciation of the Post-Internet* Art through exhibitions.
_to promote sales of artwork for our anonymous artists
_to represent and promote the work of our anonymous artists through our gallery, website, workshops, etc.
_to provide artists with exhibit space and the opportunity to share and develop creative skills.

The strength of the Daft Gallery lies in its collection of anonymous artists, and its accessibility to the public across the world. The collection opens the way for appreciation of the finest in artistic expression: The collection must be expanded, preserved, interpreted, and used extensively by the public for pleasure and understanding, for research and the advancement of knowledge.
The gallery provides the opportunity for anonymous artists to experience responses to their work, a product of the inner process, and for the public to increase its aesthetic awareness in deciphering of the artist’s intent through contemplation and dialogue.

Daft Gallery organizes exhibitions to offer enjoyment and encourage inquiry, while building and maintaining its collections in trust for future generations. With a fine ensemble of the anoymous artists, we offer art that will enhance your life and touch your heart. We welcome you here!


*Our concept of Post-Internet Art is not M. Olson’s definition or any of its derivatives. For more information contact the director

Bernardo Villar | Founder & Director